Company Profile

Who are we?

Learning Factory is the publishing division of the Cultura Inglesa Rio de Janeiro, one of the largest and most important English Language Teaching institutes in Brazil.

In the twelve years that it has been producing materials, Learning Factory has established itself as an innovative and creative publisher of very high quality ELT materials. The Learning Factory team of writers is fully aware of the needs of Brazilian English language students in the 21st century classroom.

Learning Factory materials have been adopted by the Cultura Inglesa in Rio, Brasilia, Goiânia, Espírito Santo and Rio Grande do Sul and other ABCI Culturas Inglesas throughout Brazil, as well as by partner schools in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. The company has also gained widespread international recognition and respect, and has licensed some of its materials to major international ELT publishers for markets outside of Brazil.

Learning Factory provides an exclusive and unique blend of high quality teaching materials across print and digital formats, together with training and ongoing support geared to the specific needs of ABCI schools.

What do we offer?

The package of Learning Factory materials which is offered to our customers is structured according to specific needs and requirements, and includes:

  • Course materials at all levels and age groups.
  • A full range of support materials including Interactive White Board activities and tests.
  • Support and management of pilot courses.
  • Customised and ongoing teacher training.
  • Access to up to date teaching methods and techniques.

Our qualified and skilled teacher training staff ensures that teachers feel comfortable using our materials and are also equipped to deal with the day to day challenges faced in the classroom.

Why are we so different and unique?

No other ELT publisher is able to constantly trial and test materials in the same way as Learning Factory. Through classroom observation, auditing, and student and teacher surveys, we are able to monitor and adjust materials to truly fit the needs of the market. In an ever changing world we believe this is a key differential that helps Learning Factory keep ahead of the competition and provide the right materials at the right time.

The Learning Factory mission & vision for the future

Learning Factory is proud of the legacy it has already established. Our vision for the future is clear:

  • To ensure that our ABCI partners continue to be satisfied with all levels of our service.
  • To ensure total customer satisfaction.
  • To maintain our position as a leading edge publisher both of print and digital materials.
  • To produce the materials that students and teachers really need for the 21st century.
  • To produce new materials in time for market changes and on time for market needs.