Brownie & Friends is a dynamic and exciting series specially designed for four- to five-year-old children. The innovative approach of Brownie & Friends promotes simultaneous development of non-language content and English language skills. In addition, the series provides plenty of opportunities to cater for the cognitive, social, physical and emotional needs of preschool children, essential for their full development.Each volume of Brownie & Friends consists of four independent modules: Art, Maths, Music and The World. The stories, about a dog named Brownie and his friends, weave the four modules together and contribute to establishing a learning environment conducive to fun and fantasy.
Brownie & Friends is divided in two sequential volumes: Green and Red. Each volume includes:
  • A set of creatively designed worksheets which mirror the content dealt with in class and feed the student’s portfolios.
  • Age-appropriate tear-off cards which develop the student’s fine motor skills.
  • Colourful sticker pages that add an element of fun to the units.
  • An audio CD with the stories and catchy songs.
  • A practical folder to be used as a portfolio.
  • Teacher’s Guide with detailed lesson plans, teaching tips, instructions for extra digital activities and the audioscripts of the stories and songs.
  • Story Cards with attractive large illustrations and the text to follow on the back.
  • A set of A5 flashcards to be used in class.
  • Brownie and Lolly puppets to help create an English-speaking environment in the classroom.
  • Audio and digital activities available online.
Amongst the activities children experience in the Brownie & Friends series are:
Drawing – Painting – Colours –Textures – Collage – Cutting – Pasting – Mosaics - Building projects – Exploring Nature – Transport – Different Cultures – Recycling – Professions – Games - Shapes – Spaces – Dimensions – Quantity – Proportion – Numbers – Games – Lines – Logical sequences - Rhythm – Catchy songs – Instruments – Different cultures – Orchestras – Singing – Composing – Dancing

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Brownie & Friends Green - Art
ISBN: 978-85-8078-156-4
Brownie & Friends Green - Maths
ISBN: 978-85-8078-157-1
Brownie & Friends Green - Music
ISBN: 978-85-8078-159-5
Brownie & Friends Green - The World
ISBN: 978-85-8078-150-2
Brownie & Friends Red - Art
ISBN: 978-85-8078-165-6
Brownie & Friends Red - Maths
ISBN: 978-85-8078-161-8
Brownie & Friends Red - Music
ISBN: 978-85-8078-170-0
Brownie & Friends Red - The World
ISBN: 978-85-8078-168-7