Magic Minds! – Arts & Expression is a course specially designed for primary school children. The course is a forward-thinking tool for the English language classroom. It aims to enhance young learners’ interest towards different expressions of art and to increase their ability to express themselves by means of producing artistic creations and presenting their work and views in public confidently. The course also encourages learners to think critically, a much-needed skill in contemporary times.
Each level includes:
  • A Student’s Book providing a variety of art forms and creatively designed activities to be dealt with in class.
  • Tear-off pages which help to develop students’ fine motor skills and include activities which foster artistic productions.
  • Colourful Sticker pages that bring an element of fun to learning.
  • An Audio CD with listening activities, stories, chants and catchy songs.
  • A Teacher’s Guide with detailed lesson plans, lists of materials required for the lessons, tips for the teacher, cultural notes, scripts of the stories and song lyrics. It also contains a Resources Pack with printable pages for the activities suggested in the lesson plans.
  • A Magic Brush that relates to the art theme that permeates the material and adds an element of fantasy and surprise to the lesson.
  • A Secret Sack to trigger children’s imagination and creativity and which can be used to hide a variety of objects, flashcards, toys, etc.
  • Story Cards containing visual prompts and a simple text that helps teachers tell the stories.
  • Flashcards to be used at the presentation stage of the lesson and also for games and other activities.
  • Recordings of the Stories, Songs and Listening Activities are available online.
  • Digital Material such as games, visual resources and digital versions of the stories are available online.

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Magic Minds Arts & Expression
ISBN: 978–85-8078-172-4
Magic Minds, Arts & Expression 2 Student’s Book
ISBN: 978-85-8078-203-5
Magic Minds, Think & Discover 1 Student’s Book
ISBN: 978-85-8078-199-1