Fun Factory

Fun Factory is designed to offer opportunities for learners to get familiarized with the sounds and basic structures of the English language through meaningful and fun activities.

Fun Factory

Target market:

  • Young learners (8-year olds).
  • Can be successfully used with both zero and false beginners.

Key features:

  • 2 non-sequential modules.
  • Each module consists of 25 complete lessons grouped into 5 sections.
  • Stories and real life situations used to present the language.
  • Stimulating visual and audio input.
  • British English with an international focus.


  • 2 non-sequential modules in each volume.
  • Integrated students' and activity book.
Fun Factory includes:

  • Students book & integrated workbook (2 volumes).
  • Teacher guide (2 volumes with lesson by lesson plans and extra photocopiable materials).
  • Interactive White Board activities.

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Fun Factory Sebastian & Danny
ISBN: 85-89456-43-9
Fun Factory Sebastian & Vicky
ISBN: 978-85-8078-090-1