Mind Flow

Mind Flow is a 4-level intermediate course designed for learners classified as teenagers and young adults.


Target market:

  • Teens and Young Adults at Level B1+ on the Common European Framework.

Key features:

  • 25 lessons divided into 5 units.
  • Launch Page at the beginning of every unit containing pictures and activities to promote conversation.
  • Each lesson includes a variety of viewing, listening, writing and speaking activities focusing on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Magazine Pages present opportunities for extensive reading, related to unit themes.
  • A Phonemic Chart helps identify English sounds clearly.
  • Language Reference section after each unit with explanations and extra practice.
  • Revision Section provides opportunities for language consolidation and extra practice.
  • Activity Book with one page of activities for each lesson.
  • Stop and Check for revision after units 2 and 4.
  • Audioscripts in the SB for all listening activities. 
  • Pockets of Conversation are open-ended questions to provoke discussion.
  • Resource Pack with photocopiable material.

Digital Material:

  • Interactive e-book version for iPad and Android tablets and phones.
  • Authentic Videos especially chosen to be of interest to teenagers and young adults.
  • Online digital activities and access by the student to all classroom materials , including audio and video.
  • Classware bringing together on a single menu all the digital components, plus SB and AB, for use on Interactive White Boards.
  • BYOD tips (Bring Your Own Device) in Teachers Guide (available in both paper and digital formats).
  • All users of this series have free access to the exclusive Cultura Inglesa e-Pr@ctice virtual learning environment, where learners (and teachers) can access eRoutes, which are selected digital resources linked to the lessons in the book. These may include interactive exercises, audios, videos, tests and games as well as the digital resources used in the classroom. In addition, e-Pr@ctice provides lots of additional language practice though a wide range of grammar and vocabulary activities as well as weekly resources based on the latest songs, films or news stories. 

Look through the materials

Mind Flow Student's Book 1
ISBN: 85-8078-154-0
Mind Flow 2 Student’s Book
ISBN: 978-85-8078-181-6
Mind Flow 3 Student’s Book
ISBN: 978-85-8078-192-2
Mind Flow 4 Student’s Book
ISBN: 978-85-8078-207-3