New Interlink

New Interlink is a six level course designed for learners whose first language is Portuguese.

New Interlink

Target market:

  • Adult and young adult beginners or false-beginners.

Key features:

  • Each volume consists of 24 one hour lessons grouped into 4 sections.
  • Lessons attractively presented on a double-page spread.
  • Interactive communicative tasks developing the four language skills.
  • Special sets of activities for the development of writing skills.
  • Vocabulary packs thematically linked to the lessons.
  • Pronunciation syllabus focusing on Brazilian learners' needs.
  • Stories and real life facts and situations used to present the language.
  • Stimulating visual and audio input.
  • British English with an international focus.


  • 6 levels.
  • Integrated students' and activity book.
  • Takes learners from beginner level to pre-intermediate level (CEF level B1, leading to B2).

New Interlink includes:

  • Student's book & integrated workbook (6 volumes).
  • Teacher guide (1 for each volume with lesson by lesson plans – including tips and specific oral practice activities, a resource pack and extra photocopiable materials).
  • Student's CD-Rom (1 for each volume with listening texts and pronunciation exercises for self study).
  • Teacher's classroom CD (1 for each volume for the teacher's exclusive use in the classroom).
  • Multimedia CD-Rom (1 for each volume with memorable activities integrating visual and audio stimuli).
  • Interactive White Board activities.

Look through the materials

New Interlink 1
ISBN: 978.85.89456.58-6
New Interlink 2
ISBN: 978.85.89456.59-3
New Interlink 3
ISBN: 978.85.89456.61-6
New Interlink 4
ISBN: 978.85.89456.64-7
New Interlink 5
ISBN: 978.85.89456.71-5
New Interlink 6
ISBN: 978.85.89456.91-3