Say It!

Say it! is an elementary course designed for adult learners who need to learn English rapidly in order to interact effectively in personal and professional everyday situations. The Say it! method integrates the best of different teaching practices and methodologies, focusing mainly on oral practice, developing pronunciation and facilitating memorization. It aims at engaging adult students in a learning process they can identify with, and feel confident of their own progress.

Say It

Target market:

  • Adult beginners.

Key features:

  • Each volume consists of 26 lessons.
  • Each volume provides about 35 hours of study, considering extra practice, revision and self-evaluation activities.
  • Real life situations used to present the language.
  • Stimulating visual and audio input.
  • American English with an international focus.


  • 4 levels.
  • Integrated students' and activity book.

Say it! includes:

  • Student's book & integrated workbook (5 volumes).
  • Teacher guide (one for each volume with lesson by lesson plans that include detailed procedure for classroom practice exercises).
  • All users of this series have free access to the exclusive Cultura Inglesa e-Pr@ctice virtual learning environment, where learners (and teachers) can access eRoutes, which are selected digital resources linked to the lessons in the book. These may include interactive exercises, audios, videos, tests and games as well as the digital resources used in the classroom. In addition, e-Pr@ctice provides lots of additional language practice though a wide range of grammar and vocabulary activities as well as weekly resources based on the latest songs, films or news stories. 

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Say It! 1
ISBN: 978.85.89456-87-6
Say It! 2
ISBN: 978.85.89456-89-0
Say It! 3
ISBN: 978.85.8078.000-0
Say It! 4
ISBN: 978.85.8078.010.9