Stories with Stacey

Stories with Stacey is a dynamic and innovative course specially designed for preschool children. The series transports the children into the magical English speaking world of Stacey the Star and her stories where they are exposed to the English language in a natural, fun and relaxed manner. Apart from teaching the basic English vocabulary and structures, the material provides opportunities to develop the cognitive, social, physical, and emotional needs of pre-school children within an English speaking environment.


Target market:

  • Very young learners (4 to 6 year olds)

Key Features:

  • Each module has two Big Books, A and B. Each one presents two stories, together with tips on how to tell the stories effectively in class.
  • The material includes a puppet of Stacey the Star to be used by the teacher in the classroom.
  • Each module consists of:
    • 1 Welcome Unit: This unit consists of 2 lessons whichintroduce Stacey, teach some basic classroom language and help establish some class routines.
    • 4 Story Units: Each of these units relates to a different story and consists of 10 lessons. As well as focusing on the story, there is a central theme which is developed throughout the unit.
    • 1 Celebration Unit: The celebration unit focuses on 4 different festivals and the teacher will carry out these lessons at the appropriate time of the year. Each festival has material to cover 2 lessons.


  • 3 non-sequential modules
  • Each module contains material to cover a minimum of 52 hours.


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Stories with Stacey
ISBN: 978-85-8078-040-6
Stories with Stacey Red
ISBN: 978-85-8078-058-1
Stories with Stacey Blue
ISBN: 978-85-8078-068-0