World Wise

World Wise is a two-level B1+ series for young adult/adult learners of English.


Target market:

  • Adults and young adults at B1+ (intermediate) level.

Key features:

  • Each volume consists of 24 complete lessons grouped into 4 sections.
  • Lessons attractively presented on a double-page spread.
  • Interactive tasks with strong emphasis on vocabulary and speaking skills.
  • Opportunities for follow-up practice and ongoing assessment giving learners a genuine sense of achievement.
  • Audio programme introducing and building interest in topics through natural scenarios.
  • Grammar, pronunciation and lexical syllabus focusing on Brazilian learners' needs.
  • Built-in revision and recycling.
  • Complete answer keys and audioscripts.
  • British English with an international focus.


  • 2 levels.
  • Integrated students' and activity book with lesson-by-lesson support containing list of idiomas and useful expressions, vocabulary and grammar practice activities.
  • Special support for writing skills development from guided to open-ended writing tasks.
  • Learner-friendly training tips and activities

Worldwide includes:

  • Student's book & integrated workbook (2 volumes).
  • Teacher guide (1 for each volume with lesson by lesson plans – including tips and ideas for recyclying and extension, plus extr photocopiable materials).
  • Online resources, including Interactive White Board activities.
  • All users of this series have free access to the exclusive Cultura Inglesa e-Pr@ctice virtual learning environment, where learners (and teachers) can access eRoutes, which are selected digital resources linked to the lessons in the book. These may include interactive exercises, audios, videos, tests and games as well as the digital resources used in the classroom. In addition, e-Pr@ctice provides lots of additional language practice though a wide range of grammar and vocabulary activities as well as weekly resources based on the latest songs, films or news stories. 


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World Wise 1
ISBN: 978-85-8078-065-9
World Wise 2
ISBN: 978-85-8078-126-7