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Teacher training


Teacher training

Learning Factory provides extensive support for teachers via training sessions offered to all schools which adopt our materials.

On the adoption of any new series, teachers receive a three-hour-long training session on the implementation of the material, with a  strong focus on the learner and how the material can be used to support learner needs.

In addition, continuous professional development support is provided by Learning Factory and each year a different selection of sessions is created.

The sessions (all which take around two hours) for 2016 are:

- Drilling and language practice in the communicative classroom
- The Ins and Outs of Concept Work
- Maximizing Speaking with Teens
- Monitoring and Correction
- Planning Language Presentation and Practice
- Planning Lessons
- Revisiting Feedback
- Scaffolding Strategies
- Speaking and Beginners
- Teaching Young Learners: A Box of Surprises
- Using YouTube with a Pedagogical Purpose

Learning Factory also offers an Auditing service and a tailor-made in-service teacher training programmes on demand.

If you would like further information, please contact us by clicking here.

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