Independence Day - New Activity

Independence Day - Edited Activity

The Independence Day of Brazil was officially announced on 7th September 1822. Since then, the country proudly celebrates the Independence Day of Brazil with lots of fanfare and excitement.

For ages, Brazil has represented a tropical heaven, igniting the Western imagination like no other South American country.

Brazilian independence from Portugal was a relatively smooth process as Brazilians did not have to fight tooth and nail nor did it create any revolts or riots and in the end the whole matter was settled with a financial agreement with Portugal: Portuguese debt with the United Kingdom would be paid off by the new Brazilian government and, in exchange, Brazil would be recognized as a sovereign country by both Portugal and the UK.

Thousands get together in mad passion to proudly celebrate the Brazilian Independence Day every year. A country of mythic proportions, people gather all over, celebrating with banners, balloons and streamers.

Check out the activities for celebrating this date:


Very Young Learners (4 to 8 years-olds)

Slides 2 - 5

  • Refer students to the slide.
  • Elicit from them the names of the shapes they already know
  • Ask students to repeat the words
  • Repeat procedure with the next slides
  • Ask students what those shapes have in common.
  • Move to the next slide and tell students they will draw using the shapes.

Slides 7-8

  • Tell students they will draw using the shapes. Elicit possible drawings they could make with those shapes.
  • Move to the next page to show some possible examples.
  • Provide students with some paper and crayons/colored pencils.
  • Alternatively, you can have students choose the best drawings.

Slide 8

  • Tell students they will make a paper sword.
  • Give each student a sheet of paper.
  • Click on the boy to open the YouTube video.
  • Guide students through the process of folding.
  • At the end, tell students to personalize their swords using colored pencils, crayons or any other available material.


Young Learners

Slides 2 - 7

  • Refer students to the slide.
  • Elicit from them the vocabulary on the slide.
  • Click to reveal answer.
  • Repeat procedures.

Slides 8 - 14

  • Tell students they will play a memory game.
  • Refer students to the screen and tell them they have 15 seconds to memorize the quantity of each item on the screen.
  • After 15 seconds, click to reveal question.
  • Have students shout the correct answer.
  • Click to show students how many identical item there were.
  • Repeat procedures.

Teens and Adults

Slides 2 - 3

  • Have students discuss whether the sentences are true or false.
  • Click to reveal the answer.
  • In case it is false, a corrected version will appear.
  • Ask students who got more correct answers.

Slides 4-8

  • Have students discuss the questions in groups.